Sunday, September 2, 2012

Look for Layers

There are many ways to play with the elements of an image. Thinking about "layers" is one.
It was cold and the bugs were biting however the eastern sky was filled with rich blues and textures and I thought there was an image to capture. So, I took the dingy to shore and stumbled across the spit to the eastern shor
e of the spit (we were boating on Quadra Island, BC).
Just seeing the textures in the sky invited me to find an image that would work. With this image I decided to use layering as my main element ... rocks, mountains, sky (clouds) and shoot it in a vertical format (tall versus wide). 
Initially it is did not seem to be a very interesting subject. However, bringing out the detail in the rocks (layer 1) contrasted with the distant mountains (layer 2) and bracketed with soft clouds (layer 3) I thought it just may work. 
I wanted to have nice sharp detail with little digital noise. To achieve this I needed to use a low ISO setting (50), a tripod, and long exposures.
This image can be seen larger here
So, think layers when constructing, in particular, a landscape image.
Good luck ... and comment on the blog if you have any questions.

Location Detials

Rebecca Spit Marine Provincial Park ( ) is at the entrance to Desolation Sound, a stunning piece of geography 100 miles north of Vancouver BC. The Bay behind the spit provides safe anchorage in water warmed by the heated rocks as the 12’ tide comes in.
This image was taken at dusk on the eastern shore facing the geography of Desolation Sound.
Nikon D800
Nikon f2.8 14-24 at 14mm
ISO 50
Three exposures at F10
30 15 and 8 seconds
Photomatic processed


  1. wow! - Love the lighting and colour in this photo

    1. Glad you like the capture. Was an interesting evening ... one not to pass up .. but with interesting photographic challenges.
      Thanks for the comment.