Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking for Images - be Flexible.

How often do you go on a hunt for image? It is a regular activity for me. Studio photographers create their image, the rest of us have to find them.

I often head out with an idea of what I am looking for - macro, landscape, architecture, whatever. I make sure I take the appropriate lenses sometime restricting my selection in order focus my attention. But sometimes I just go on a hunt taking with me my 17-200 and 12-44.

Today I went to an old building in Portland expecting to find delightful old architectural structures. Unfortunately, the building had been renovated and everything was quite "modern". As I toured the building I changed my focus from the "old" to the "new". I started looking for graphic designs. I could hardly listen to the tour guide's description of the history and renovation of the property as my eyes feasted on lines and shapes. As we descended to the bowels of the building, we walked down winding staircases framed in stainless steel, built around recycled wood floor and lit with "contrasy" tungsten lights. Here is what I came up with - something I never expected from an 120 year-old building.

The point of this is: keep an open mind when your initial photographic goals are not met.

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